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Selection Requirements For Pump Tubes

- Jan 12, 2018 -

1. Chemical compatibility. For some of the flow of some corrosive fluid will be selected peristaltic pump, then for the pump pipe is also required. If you choose wrong, there may be some dangerous occurrence. Can threaten your life and so on.

2. No pollution. For some of the laboratory, pharmaceutical and other places used in the peristaltic pump need to use non-polluting pump tube,

3. Fluid pressure. Fluid pressure is usually the flow of pressure to form, for some areas need to be used, this type of pump tube pressure limit is generally 2bar-3bar.

4. Hose hardness. The hardness of the pipe wall is related to the capacity of the pump conveying, the pump tube is too soft, prone to breakage, too hard, sometimes not good work.

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