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Peristaltic Industrial Pumps By RUNZE FLUID

- Jan 24, 2019 -

Discover The Pump Thats Right For Your Industry

When it comes to peristaltic pumps, RUNZE FLUID is a global leader in quality, service & innovation. Our focus has always been on the customer and engineering solutions that fit their needs. We offer a complete line of of medium to heavy duty perisaltic pumps that fit practically every industrial use application. EMP Industries offers a unique combination of extraordinary customer service and superior products for niche markets. Our philosophy from top to bottom is one of flexibility, experience & responsiveness to our valued customers needs. We provide sales, service, installation and replacement parts on a worldwide scale.


Where Can I Use A Peristaltic Pump?

Common media fluids and applications for industrial liquid handling pumps include general-purpose fluid transfer, chemicals, cryogenic materials, food processing, fuel or oil, high temperature fluids, high viscosity fluids, hydraulic fluid, medical or surgical fluids, refrigerants, sludge or sewage, slurry, solids or gravel, thermoplastics, and water. The benefits are many:

● Ideal For Abrasive, Viscous & Shear Sensitive Media

 Gentle Pumping Of Liquid Or Viscous Products

 Constant Volume Capacity Due To Vacuum Support

 Dry Running Resistant

 Integrated Early Warning System

Pumping Of Media With Entrained Solids

 Unobstructed Fluid Flow Means Easy Cleaning

Free Of Dynamic & Pressure Loaded Seals

Infinite Regulation Of Capacity

High Pumping Pressure Of Maximum 13 Bar

 Dry Self-Priming Up To Maximum 9.5m Lift

Easy Operation & Servicing (Only One Wear Item!)

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