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Option Way Of Syringe Pump

- May 17, 2018 -

1.    How to chose a syringe pump?

 To chose a suitable syringe pump by the flow rate needed of dispensed liquid.

2.      How to chose a driver? Below points should be considered:

  -application of dispensing liquid.

-working environment and mounding type.

-channel no. of syringe pump: this will directly effect you to chose a single channel

driver or a double channel driver.

Working principle of injection pump.

Injection pump is consists of stepper motor and driver, wire rod, borosilicate glass,

polytetrafluorine piston, bracket, etc.


The single-chip microcomputer system sends out the control pulse to make the stepper motor rotate. And the step motor drives the wire rod and turns its rotating into a straight line motion. Pushing the piston of syringe injected the fluid to realize of High Precision, stable and Non-pulsating liquid Transmission. 


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