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Noted Points When The Pump Stopped Working For A Long Time

- May 21, 2018 -

1. To check and confirm there is no loosen at the point of pump head with tubing connection 

Try to turn around the pump by hand to confirm it is flexible.


2. Put the lubrication oil into bearing body, ensure the oil measure point at the middle.Replace or add the lubrication oil regularly.


3. Screwing out the screw plug of water diversion.


4. Turn off  the switch valve of water outlet, pressure gage and vacuum gage.


5. Try to turn on the motor and running with correct direction.


6. First turn on the motor, after the peristaltic pump running normally, turn on the delivery

gauge and inlet vacuum pump ,since the gage display proper pressure value,gradually to turn on switching valve,meanwhile to check the motor load condition.


7. Try to control the flow rate and head of delivery within the range noted on the pump

label,thus to ensure the pump give best working performance.


8. The temperature of gearing can not exceed of environment 35℃,the highest should be

lower 80℃


9. If there is abnormal sound, stop the pump working immediately to check.


10.When pump will be stopped working ,first to close the switching valve,piezometer,then

turn off the motor.


11.Pls replace the lubrication oil per 100 hours within one month after purchasing,then to

replace per 500 hours after one month.


12 To check the gearing regularly,replace a new one timely when it going to worn out.


13. Ensure the pump without any medium when no using at the Winter to prevent the pump

from cooling.


14. When the pump no working for a long time, the all parts of pump should be separated and

water wiped.add the lubrication oil on the rotate section, store it in right way.



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