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Is The Peristaltic Pump Head You Using Suitable

- May 30, 2018 -

Do you really know how to choose a most suitable peristaltic pump head? Many clients are confused . even exchanging goods after choosing an unsuitable pump head , What a waste of time ! today , we would give some advices for consumers on the confusion .


Flow rate ,working environment,installation are the keys for choosing peristaltic pump . First , To realize different flow rates, you need to choose suitable pump and tubing sizes. You can choose tube (specification、texture ) according the attribute of your fluid and flow rate , This is a preliminary selection . Second, you should choose different texrures of pump head according your working surroundings, such as plastic ,metal,wear resisting ,anti-explosion or Easy using .and then you can equip into other machine or use it independently,

independently ,ect ,in term of what you need . After choosing above , the lest thing for you is to ask salesman which series of pump is best for you .


If you all know above , you must have a preliminary idea .

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