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How To Make Peristaltic Pump Work In High Efficiency?

- Apr 18, 2018 -

Peristaltic pump transfers liquid by squeezing and releasing the pump hose which is frequently used in food and chemical industry. Fluid only touch replaceable pump hose, fluid flowing with clockwise and counter clockwise direction. Peristaltic pump can work on idling running without any pollution, with low maintenance cost and easy cleaning.


As the fast development of food and medicine, peristaltic pump has been the most popular and standard equipment for food and medicine manufacturing machine. High working efficiency and high productivity are the most important factors for fluidic device.


Then, how to make peristaltic pump work in high efficiency?

1.     Release the tubing block under non-working status

Release the tubing block under non-working status will extend the service life of pump tube. As you know, peristaltic pump works by tubing peristalsis and recovery to suction and transfer liquid, so release tubing will extend service life of tubing so as to extend service life of peristaltic pump.


2.     Keep lower motor speed

On the condition of meeting the needs of flow rate, try to keep motor speed under 300rpm which is the best working status of peristaltic pump. Higher speed will cause shorter service life of tubing, so try to use bigger tube size and lower motor speed which will help to lengthen the service life of peristaltic pump.


3.     Choose right pump hose

Pump tube needs to choose high quality material and specially used tube for peristaltic pump, external transfer tube can be common tube. Peristaltic pump tube needs to have good flexibility, anti-tearing, high purity, high accuracy on wall thickness and inner diameter, that is why peristaltic pump tube is more expensive than common tube (only for external liquid transfer)


4.     Choose right connectors

Liquid entrance tube should be as short as possible, connector OD should be bigger than inner diameter of pump tube. Peristaltic pump works by tubing recovery, so longer tube entrance and smaller diameter will cause higher suction resistance which cause harder tubing recovery, then flow rate will be reduced apparently.

5.     Theoretical flow rate should be higher than the required flow rate.

Theoretical flow rate should be 30% higher than required/target flow rate because pump tube is flexible with negative pressure and output pressure are small, when liquid is thick or tubing is too long, flow rate will get smaller, so theoretical flow rate should be higher than required flow rate.


6.     Keep pump and tube clean

Peristaltic pump precision instrument to some degree, mainly works by keeping high precision gaps between rollers so as to effectively squeeze the tubing, if pump tube damaged or fluid sticking on rollers, blocks or pump tube, the gaps will get bigger which will cause the easier tubing worn-out even damage the pump head.


7.     Regular checking to ensure tubing under normal working

Users need to check the peristaltic pump tube to make sure tubing under normal working. Peristaltic pump tube is easy to worn out, when it being damaged liquid will be leaking.


8.     Choose right pump tube material

You need to choose the right pump tube material according to your liquid and make sure tubing will not be corroded by liquid. None of tubing can understand all liquids, so you need to choose the right tube material to make sure it will not be chemically reacted with your liquid by Chemical compatibility table or immersing the tube into your liquid for test.


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