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How To Clean The Metering Pump With Good Effect

- Jan 12, 2018 -

Metering pump In addition to daily maintenance, but also need to clean, in order to clean a little bit, mainly through the following ways to do:

1, the first dozen clear water about 10 minutes, and then empty for about 5 minutes after the determination of water in the tube is discharged, only to start the demolition action to reduce the risk.

2, turn off metering pump power, remove all valve parts. (When demolition, it is still necessary to be careful of residual agents and water, to avoid damage or spills to the power supply and other related equipment caused by injury.) )

3. Rinse valve and valve parts with water.

4, check the parts whether there are defects, deformation, cracking and other conditions, if there is a replacement.

5. All the valve parts are fitted back.

6, the dozen clear water for 5 minutes to test (if there is crystallization, you can use the crystallization of diluent for about 10 minutes, and then into water for about 5 minutes.).

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