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How To Choose Peristaltic Pump Tube?

- Apr 03, 2018 -

   RUNZE peristaltic pump is standard equipped with imported rubber hose with advantages of non-toxic, anti-UV, anti-ozone, anti-high and low temperature, anti organic solvent, weak acid and alkali liquid etc. Rubber tube is yellowish with good gas tightness anti-oxidation, anti-aging, -59-135℃ degrees whose service life is about 5-10 times longer silicon tube. Rubber tube is most suitable for peristaltic pump and widely used in scientific research and production such as medical device, environmental detection, bioengineering, petrochemical, food processing, ozone disinfection.

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Hose Property

Flexible to be recovered after being compressed; wear resistant; anti certain pressure without leakage (good air tightness); low absorbability; anti high and low temperature; anti-aging; uneasy to swelling; corrosion resistance with less educts.



Hose parameters

Pump hose is mainly measured and chosen by inner diameter and wall thickness.

Hose material

Pump tube made from silicon rubber, plastic and synthetic raw material will cause different properties so as for different applications.


Pressure resistance

Negative pressure will be caused when liquid pumped through filter, flow instrument, valve or pressured reaction vessel. When system pressure more than the pressure hose can support, hose will get swelling which make it easier to be worn out even broken. Main factors that influence the hose pressure are materials, diameters and wall thickness.



Users need to consider the working temperature because different materials are suitable for different temperature ranges, for example, silicon rubber can bear wider low and high temperature range than other materials. To make sure the pump working normally, users need to know very well on highest and lowest system temperature.



Flow rate will be directly influenced by hose inner diameter, higher flow rate requires bigger inner diameter, vice versa. Wall thickness will decide how much flexibility will be, and how long the hose life will be.



Before decide whether to use transparent channel or not, operators need to check whether the fluid is sensitive to light or not, and if they need to observe and record the inside fluidic situation. When operators need to observe the inside situations such as bubbles, particles and pollution, they should choose transparent pump hose like silicon rubber tube. When pumping fluid is sensitive to light, operators should choose non-transparent pump hose.


Air permeability

Users should use channel with better air permeability especially when pumping fluid that sensitive to air, easy to be oxidized or anaerobic cell culture fluid. Silicon tube is kind of hose with highest air permeability. So for fluid that unsuitable to touch air, users should choose low air permeability pump tube.


Service life

Some hoses can bear higher friction, some lower. Service life of pump hose will be decided by hose material, hose dimensions, pump head and working speed. Pump tube will be longer service life when it is made from thicker wall thickness and under lower working speed.


Flow rate range

Different tube sizes will cause different flow rate range when under different motor speed, users need to choose suitable tube size according to required flow rate range. 


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