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How To Choose A Suitable Pump Head?

- May 21, 2018 -

Do you know how to choose a suitable pump head? This question seems to confuse most of customers, they feel difficult to choose or found it is improper to use ,therefore they have to change the order that would be take much time. So pls kindly note below points on pump head option.

The effected factors to pump head option are flow rate,environment,installation type.

Firstly, the flow rate and medium transported not only effect the pump head but also the tubing size. So you have to choose correct size and material of tube accordingly.

Secondly, choose material of pump head,which has plastic,metal ,anti-fiction,explosion

prevented, basic or easy using one according to working environment of the pump.

Finally, decide pump head according to your installation way for using independently or equipped with other device.

Follow above ,our sale section will help to choose best suitable model then.

Hope above points will be help.


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