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How To Choose A Suitable Motor For Peristaltic Pump?

- Jun 21, 2018 -

It is more important to choose a suitable motor to a peristaltic pump.

Since lots of suppliers provide poor quality motor to sale market, so the buyer have to identify what is most important for application ,such as efficiency, flow rate ,or both ,then to make a best option. I will introduce the features of different motors as below for reference. 

1. Stepper motor 

The accuracy of flow is usually 3~5% and can not be calibrated in real time.

There is no feedback from pump itself. It is normal if the temperature up to 80 degree Celsius during running. 

More large flow ,less accuracy.

2. DC motor

  DC motor also named as servo motor ,which is divided to two kinds of  brush and brush-less dc servo motor. The brush-DC motor is more cheaper, speed more easier to be adjusted, but the maintenance is required frequently, which is usually used in industry or for individual. Brush-less dc motor with high quality ,automatic controlled, no maintenance,quick reaction, high precision, but it is more expensive.. 

3.AC motor

 The AC motor is similar to the brush-less DC motor with good quality but more cost. So the both are more suitable for research institute, school, complete machine system which need high precision, strict demand for quality.


Above is the feature of different motors, Hope it is helpful to you. If any other unclear, you can call us freely.



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