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Do You Know The Principle Of Different Pump?

- Apr 23, 2018 -

The pump is the machine that pump liquid  by increasing the pressure of

liquid or gas,which frequently used in lab to pump water,oil,acid alkali liquid,organic solvent,gas,gas-liquid mixture and suspended solid liquid etc.


Hear is the brief introduction of pump working principle and function.

1)     Metering pump

2)     Peristaltic pump

3)     Syringe pump

4)     Screw pump

5)     gas booster pump


1. Metering pump

   The metering pump mainly consist of drive, liquid transferred part and control part. The coupling rod push the liquid to diaphragm (piston) by driven system.

To change travel reciprocating frequency or the stroke length to achieve the flow rate needed.


2. Peristaltic pump

Peristaltic pump also named as soft tube pump, which is consist of tube,roller, and case. Peristaltic pump works by tubing peristalsis and recovery to suction and transfer


The most important property of peristaltic pump is to take pump tube as a chamber, liquid only go through tubing with no pollution to pump itself. Replacing tube is the only and best way for cleaning which will save a lot of time and cost on disassembly and maintenance.

Good pump heads, pump pipes and actuators are really important to peristaltic pump. when purchasing, the functions have to be considered due to special applications.  For specific requirements, We can provide series types and shapes of pump head, and different tube material size. Different combinations come out different fluid reference.


3.     Working principle of syringe pump.

   The single-chip microcomputer system sends out the control pulse to make the

stepper motor rotate. And the step motor drives the wire rod and turns its rotating into a straight line motion. Pushing the piston of syringe injected the fluid to realize of High Precision, stable and Non-pulsating liquid Transmission. The CPU provides the motor drive voltage by means of D / A conversion after the injection pump is started. The motor rotation detection circuit is a set of optoelectronic coupling circuits. A pulse signal is generated by the rotation of the motor .and then be fed back to CPU.  The voltage of the motor is controlled by CPU according to this feedback under the set speed.


4. Screw pump

  The screw pump is consist of stator and rotor, which can form a closed cavity chamber between them. During rotor work, the closed cavity move to discharge end from suction end and disappeared at discharge end so as to the liquid be pushed out equably.


5.Gas booster pump

The gas booster pump is driven by increasing air pressure to realize continually transfer liquid. The final air pressure can reach 10 times than original. According to the different pressure and structure, it can also be divided to lower pressure pump and high pressure pump.

The low pressure is mainly to be used when the lowest pressure is needed to keep the pneumatic system working well under the state of insufficient or instability pressure.

The high pressure pump is mainly used in special gas, such as nitrogen,helium and argon that needs dozens of Mpa value into high pressure gas storage pot.


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