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Difference Between Food Grade And Medical Silicon Tube

- Mar 26, 2018 -

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Silicon Tube

Silicone tube is made of a special rubber with good property and wide application with excellent electrical insulation, anti-aging, chemical stability, anti-oxidation, weather resistance, radiation resistance, good physiological inertia, good air permeability, high and low temperature resistance, long use under 60° to 250°, so it is widely used in modern and national defense industry as well as normal life such as aviation, electronic petroleum, chemistry, mechanism, electrical appliance, medical treatment, oven, food and beverage processing etc.


Both food grade and medical tube are closely related to our health, safety and life which requires a lot on its properties. Most applications requires successful test on safety and hygiene, so what is the difference between them?


Food Grade Silicon Tube

Food grade silicon tube was processed by scientific production technology of intermittently rubber processing with imported raw material, which is a process to work on anti-wearing and high transparency of rubber and super high and super low hardness of gross rubber. Compared to silicon tube produced by traditional Bis-dichlorovulcanization technology, food grade silicon tube with high transparency, tasteless and smelless, not easy to turn yellow and non-blooming, it solved the problem of black silicon tube blooming and blue tube color fading.


Medical silicon tube 

Medical silicon tube is made of imported silicon rubber raw material, minimum inner diameter can be 0.4mm. It will be no abnormal reaction and no inflammation caused after embedded in human body within 20days. Service life of silicon tube especially for peristaltic pump can constantly work for about 175hours. All above features make medical silicon tube be widely used as liquid transfer, blood transfer, guidance tube, blood-proof, peristaltic pump etc. under medical sanitary environment such as catheter, detaining needle and windpipe.



Food grade silicon tube is usually used for water dispenser, coffeemaker, domestic appliance. Industrial silicon is mainly used for protecting conveyer circulation, chemicals, electronic etc. Medical silicon tube is also widely used in mechanical machines, breathing machine, medical circulations and transferring, biopharmaceutical, medical science and technology, medical analysis instrument, hemostatic instrument, biological research institute, chemical laboratory and so on.


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