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Classification Of Syringe Pump

- May 17, 2018 -

1.By different application: Medical syringe pump,non-medical inject pump,lab microfluid syringe pump,and industrial injection pump.

2.By channel No.: single channel injection pump, multi-channel syringe pump

 (double channel,cross channel,ten channel etc.)

3.By working model:single push injection pump, push-pull syringe pump,

Bidirectional push-pull syringe pump.

4.    By structure: vertical syringe pump. Combined type syringe pump


Feature of syringe pump

  No pulse transportation

Steady running;

No pulse; 10 thousands times of width running speed range give users more option; No cleaning: only replace a injector needed when transfer different liquid medium.

High accuracy of flow rate;

High precision:when the full stroke ≥30%, the accuracy ≤±0.5%.


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