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Classification Of Pumps

- May 07, 2018 -

1. Injection pump

The motor drive the screw to gradually rotate to push the piston of syringe then liquid out.

Motor with rotate reverse(CCW) will cause liquid be suction

Advantage:working pressure above to 1500psi;high accuracy <0.1%; transfer without pulse.high accuracy with both small and big flow rate.Easy disinfection; available to inject and suction.

Muti- channel optional from 1 to 10

Disadvantage:restricted flow  rate; light higher price

Typical application:transfer sample/Calibration fluid to mass analyzer; syringe medicament precisely into animal; liquid be sucked into cavity with high pressure .

2.    peristaltic pump

The tube is squeezed by roller rotating to push the liquid out,there is usually 3 or 4 rollers.

Advantage: transfer continually; easy sterilized; lower cost, muti-channel 1-16 optional for inject and suction

Disadvantage:lower pressure.30psi or lower;pulse transfer.moderate accuracy:1% to 3%.

Typical application:transfer liquid into cell and tissue; stable flow rate; large liquid transfer available; flow rate is available controlled when syringe into animal.

3.    Membrane pump

The screw moved by motor or magnetic valve driven to push the diaphragm elastic force and rebound.

Advantage;less maintain; suspension /corrosion liquid available;

Disadvantage:singe channel;pulse transfer;moderate pulse;2%; only for syringe,difficult disinfection.

Typical application: transfer high corrosion medium.


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