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Brief Introduction Of Hose Pump

- Apr 25, 2018 -

RUNZE hose pumps are also known as industry pump of combining advanced technology

with new model, multiple functions and different application, and widely applied in medical, food processing, Metallurgical, mining engineering, ore planning, mud sand transportation, chemical component transportation ,oil and water treatment industry etc.



1. Paper making industry; such as paper pulp and sulphur pulp transportation etc.

2.Water treatment industry: such as silt slurry,lime slurry transportation.


3. Construction and building material industry: such as transportation of concrete, mud,

Ceramic, glaze slurry etc.


4. Transportation of drilling mud in oil industry.


5. Mining, metallurgy and raw material industry: such as transportation of calcium carbonate, cinder slurry, steel rolling, iron scale and various of ore slurry etc.


6. Application of rubber resist to corrosion available that can substitute for reciprocating pump, diaphram pump and screw pump.

7. Chemical industry: such as transportation of acid and alkali phosphate slurry, titanium dioxide inorganic salt slurry etc.

8. Food industry: oil(ex solvent) and beverage transportation.


9. Medical industry: transportation of various of medial liquid.


10. Other industry: such as nuclear waste,Electrolytic waste residue,Metal slag liquid,mercury,coating material,binding agent,glue,latex grinding material;refractory fiber pulp etc liquid like high sealing,high viscosity, particle content medium transportation.

11. Can be used as metering pump.


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