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Application Of Peristaltic Pump In Medical Dialysis

- Jun 21, 2018 -

Since the development of peristaltic pump, it also has been used in the medical industry, which is more strict demand for each indicators. E.g, both lots of surface wounds washed and blood dialysis are realized by peristaltic pump. Why the peristaltic pump can be applied inmedical industry?

1.The accuracy of the peristaltic pump: The blood flow rate is required
exactly with no more no less during medical dialysis,so precision of pump is basic demands for blood dialysis.

2.Stable working of peristaltic pump :It is must be stable flow when used in medial dialysis, the peristaltic pump can reach this requirement.

3.Lower shearing force of peristaltic pump: there is no damage to cell issue since the cell is most important to blood.

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