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Applicable Conditions Of Peristaltic Pump

- Jan 12, 2018 -

1: Peristaltic Pump flow size is determined by the driver, if the need for large flow needs to replace the structure and materials. Under normal circumstances, the speed should not be too high to control the speed within 50 rpm.

2: If the use of peristaltic pump in some areas of the need for stable operation or adjustable speed, flow needs to have the need to choose to use adjustable speed pump. Also note that the flow does not exceed the rated flow.

3: When the occurrence of the rated flow is greater than the actual, if the need for quantitative requirements, the pump should be rated flow with the actual flow of the match.

4: There is the pressure problem, in operation, the actual pressure of the system should not be greater than the rated pressure of the pump.

5: Peristaltic pump can be idle operation. But not for long periods of idling.

6: Peristaltic pump hose is the main conveying equipment, if the transfer of a certain temperature of the fluid, when the temperature is high, the need to use some special heat hose.

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