Borosilicate Glass Syringe

Volume 50ml
Cylinder ID32*OD39.4mm
1/4-28UNF Female
Needle, Teflon tube, Soft tube
Equipped with syringe pump

Product Details


Technical Parameter


Gastight glass syringe











Tube material

High borosilicate glass

Pushrod material

304 stainless steel

Piston material


Effective distance

280g (single)
 297g (double)

Max pressure


Max temperature

0.68Mpa (6.8bar)

Service life

100℃(long time use)
 280℃(short time use)

Net Weight

3.5-5million times (water)

Dimension (unit: mm)



Application Notice
1. Clean the glass syringe immediately after use
Cleaning process:
50g/l NaOH aqueous solution---distilled water---acetone and chloroform---dry with a vacuum pump
Ensure the needle core not to be stained and blocked from high boiling point material in the liquid. Do not use strong alkaline solution to wash it to prevent the glass tube and needle from be corroded and water or gas leakage.
2. Ensure correct operation and use carefully to ensure the needle and pushrod not to be curved. Clean after usage and put into the packing box.
3. The glass syringe is not suitable for absorb solution with rough floating substance and used under high temperature. 10-100ml syringe needles can be made it through with 0.1mm stainless steel wire when blacked, it should not be burned by fire because it will make needle loss the puncture ability.
4. When high boiling sample liquid condense in the syringe, please do not pull the rod forcibly to avoid blocking or wearing. If it is found darkening (stainless steel oxide) inside the syringe, you can dip a few soap water on the stylet, then pull back and forth several times to remove it.
5. Before accurate analysis, adjust it with pure water.

Product Features
● Standard 1/4-28UNF screw, good tightness and gas tightness
● High borosilicate glass cylinder, PTFE piston, 304 stainless steel, anti-corrosion and high accuracy
● Easy to sterilize and reusable, long service life
● Different connections to meet different application needs
● Teflon hard tube, plastic connectors, needles, flexible tube for option

Packing and Shipping


● Each syringe in a thick foam box, put into an inner box then to an outer carton
● Each syringe will be carefully inspected before shipping
● Shipping by FedEx, TNT, UPS for fast delivery with 5-7 working days to most countries
● Shipping within 2-3days after payment
● Customer service will help you follow up your tracing number till you get it

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