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Nanjing Runze Fluid Control Equipment Co.,Ltd

Q1. What is the delivery time?
A1: Most products are in stock, some special products need partial processing takes about one week, some customized products usually takes 20-25 working days for delivery.

Q2. If we order large quantities, do you support pre-shipping inspection?
A2: Yes, sure. Inspection requirements will going on as what we have confirmed before order issued.

Q3. Can we return back the goods if they were broken up during transportation?
A3: Before return back, we need your real photos of packages, shipping sheet, and broken products for checking, we will resend you replacements if everything is as what you shows.

Q4: Can we return back the goods if I found it is not what I need?
A4: Before ordering, we have make everything clear, so you can return back, but you should absorb the international shipping cost and China import tax and other fees concerned.

For more questions, please contact our customer service by +86 13851455069 or email: min.zhu@runzeliuti.com