High Pressure Valve

RUNZE high pressure valve with 2 way, 3 way, 4 way switching status, ceramic/sapphire/PCTFE fluid path, anti-high pressure, fast switch speed, wide volt trigger signal and feedback signals that make it the most reliable solenoid switch valve on complex and tough applications.
    • Solenoid Switch Valve

      Solenoid Switch Valve

      2 way/3 way/4 way valve
      Dead volume 4.5μL
      Pressure 1.2Mpa
      PCTFE, Ceramic, Sapphire
      Trigger/Feedback signal

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    • 3 Way Switching Valve

      3 Way Switching Valve

      Technical Parameter Valve Head Type Product Feature ●Anti-high pressure 1.5Mpa, when negative pressure reaches 0.06Mpa status feedbacks can be switched, voltage signals feedback valve open or close ●High stability at...

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    • Two Way Selector Valve

      Two Way Selector Valve

      High pressure 1.2Mpa
      Port dia.1.5mm
      Dead volume 4.5μL
      Feedback signal
      Trigger voltage DC7-33V

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    • 3 Way Solenoid Valve

      3 Way Solenoid Valve

      Three way switching valve
      Switch speed 80ms
      Water pressure 1.2Mpa
      Air pressure 1.0Mpa
      PCTFE, Ceramic, Sapphire

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    • 4 Way Selector Valve

      4 Way Selector Valve

      Four way switch valve
      M03, M04 switch status
      Ceramic, Sapphire spool
      Feedback signal support
      Anti-high temperature

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    • Three Way Valve

      Three Way Valve

      3 way solenoid valve
      Trigger volt DC7-33V
      M02, M05 switch status
      Port to port 4.5μL
      1/4-28UNF Female

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    • 3 Way Valve

      3 Way Valve

      Easy installation
      High performance
      Long service life
      Contamination free
      High process reliability

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    • Air Solenoid Valve

      Air Solenoid Valve

      Medium: liquid, gas
      Trigger voltage DC7-33V
      Power supply DC24V/2A
      Ceramic/sapphire spool
      Two status ransom start

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